VirtueMart vs Hikashop Comparison


Joomla is the CMS to use and develop world-class websites; the number of extensions on Joomla gives a way to achieving what you can dream of while creating a website. So in this tutorial, we will discuss an eCommerce websites development tool that is offering eCommerce Joomla extensions, and there are 2 components that are very popular for online store setup websites. So let me explain VirtueMart vs Hikashop Comparison


HikaShop in Joomla
HikaShop is a highly sophisticated e-commerce platform. It’s designed to be easy and adaptable. Hikashop takes extensive use of Joomla’s MVC framework, including the ability to modify component views from the administration panel.

HikaShop is a highly sophisticated e-commerce platform. It’s designed to be easy and adaptable. Hikashop takes extensive use of Joomla’s MVC framework, including the ability to modify component views from the administration panel.



  • Auto-updates Currency format.
  • Geolocation helps to set default currency.


  • Access levels for goods, variations, categories, pricing, discounts, and coupons may all be configured.


  • Geolocation-based zone blacklisting
  • Users and orders can get geolocation information.

Fields Customization

  • Orders, items, and entries all have custom fields, as well as a custom file format.

Files Importer as a Product

  • Use the Import option to upload items. (Pdf, zip…)

Notification functionality

  • Out-of-stock notifications

PayPal payment Integration

Vote & Comment Functionality

Affiliate functionality

  • Affiliate functionality is only available if the Affiliate plugin is installed.


  • Customers can share their wish list with other people via the Wish list feature.

RSS feeds functionality

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VirtueMart in joomla

VirtueMart is the most widely used Joomla eCommerce plugin. It’s simple to use for both professionals and beginners, and it comes with thousands of features to help you build a professional business.

To make your company stand out. You require a specific functionality, don’t you? Using Virtuemart is really beneficial… The ability to enhance VirtueMart’s functionality by adding Components, Templates, Plugins, and Modules aids you in anything.



  • Set Shopper-group price accordingly.
  • Price display based on shopper groups
  • Manage payment and shipping based on shopper groups.

Parent and Child categories

  • With meta tags, it’s simple to manage SEO.
  • Organize categories by adding descriptions and images.


  • Customize the customer input form according to your preferences.
  • Adding the ability to provide a registration form throughout the checkout or shipment process.
  • Checking out as a guest is a feature that allows users to check out without having to register.
  • Address book
  • Set the default addresses for Bill-to and Ship-to.
  • Set up a default payment and delivery method.


  • Simple-to-use Meta tags are important for SEO.
  • For each product, provide a brief and long description.
  • The ability to enter product dimensions (weight, size) is a useful feature.
  • Add a variety of media (Images, videos, pdf)
  • There are no limits on the number of children’s products and levels that may be created.
  • The pattern of the product (Parent product used as a model for child products)


  • Choose a currency that meets your needs. (Euros, Dollars, and so on…)


  • Using a single control, manage inventories.
  • When a product is out of stock, add a warning message.
  • Stocks that are not real (ordered but not finally bought)

Real multi-currency

  • Rates are automatically updated.

Check out function

  • Guest checkout
  • Request that the consumer register at the time of purchase.
  • Create a multi-page checkout process

Manufacturer media handler

  • Default Product reviews and ratings integrated for SEO/SEF
  • Time, category, shopper group, nation, and state discounts
  • Taxes are levied according to category, time, shopper group, nation, and state.
  • Discounts and taxes should be calculated separately for each product.
  • Multiple payments and delivery options are available.

Order handling through the backend

  • Workflow for payment and delivery
  • Every payment is safe, and we keep a record of every single transaction with the opportunity to change it.

Order handling frontend

  • Track Orders for users.

Template handling

  • Depending on the Categories/Products, we may utilize several themes.

Marketing promotions and tools

  • Add-on coupon functionality
  • Link to recommend a product to a friend.


The most common extension is Virtue Mart. It’s the greatest Joomla e-commerce solution. Although Hika Shop is an excellent e-commerce component, we prefer the Virtue Mart e-commerce platform… Virtuemart is a high-conversion shopping cart thanks to its responsive design. Virtue Mart is an excellent Joomla extension. Both are PHP-based and may be used in standard PHP/MySQL setups. CMS compatibility has a number of advantages, including… It can be managed with absolutely little technical expertise or ability. Another advantage of Virtue Mart over Hika Shop is that it has a better-developed community, forums, discussions, and support sites.

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