What is Freelancing and How do I start freelancing


Freelancing is a job like working from home. where freelancers work remotely and independently. During the pandemic, all company employees are working from home. So now freelancing and office jobs both are the same only difference is they have permanent projects from their company while freelancers always find new projects from different employers. So in this post, will learn something new thing about what is Freelancing and How to start freelancing.

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What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a way to work between two-person or agencies. one person that is working on that project is called a freelancer and the other has hired to freelancer called Client. In freelancing job is just a contract basis not a permanent type like a company office(employee). So freelancers can work for multiple clients at the same time.

Advantages of Freelancing

The most interesting or beneficial thing about freelancing is a time comfort zone, you can work according to your time frame. you can work a number of days in a week as you want, and earn money what you want. Only you should have jobs in your hands. You can decide your holiday plans according to your time frame, So these are wonderful benefits of freelancing.

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Disadvantages of Freelancing

Freelancing provides you freedom from office and the option to earn unlimited money. But, it has some disadvantages that should keep in mind before starting freelancing.

  1. Time Management: if you are not strict on time, then you can mess up your daily routine and your timetable can be disturbed. It happens normally because you will work for clients who belong to different time zone.
  2. Risk of Projects(Jobs): Sometimes happens you don’t have any project, in this case, you will get depression because you need money for your daily needs. So you should have passion and wait for projects.
  3. When you go on holiday then you lose your money, because you will not work on any project at that time.
  4. Limited Skill: When you work alone, then you have your own knowledge, So there is very little chance to learn new skills or you will need extra time to learn new skills Because you have to work on your current project first and finish it on time.

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Freelancing Tips for Beginners

I am doing mention here some important tips for you, based on my real experience.

  1. Start your career at a company or any organization and get experience approx 2-3 years, and become an expert in your skills. Learn everything that is needed for your project. So after started freelancing you will not need any other people to complete your project.
  2. Save money for 6 months or 1 year of your monthly expenditure. So that is the backup in case you will not get the project any time of gap. this is very important. And if you have any loan then you should maintain the same advance EMI backup as bank FD all time.
  3. If you have a project and working on it, then you should always apply to the project. so some projects should be always in the pipeline.
  4. Work hard and behave always politely with the clients after getting some big project as well. Don’t make behaviour rude or attitude.
  5. Try to create your team of developers that is a very good step if you can get a developer. So that thing makes you independent. but don’t try online they should be in your local place.
  6. Start your freelancing career with small projects, you will get more chances to get the project.

Best Freelancing websites

There are so many best freelancing websites available. But I am considering only the top 3 free freelancing websites as follows:-

  1. Upwork:  I am working on Upwork for 8 years as well and get successful in it and earn a good amount of money. So I recommend you that as well. This is free of use to work on it.
  2.  FreelancerThis is also a very good freelancing website, I started my career on this and got my first project with 5$ and got a 5-star rating. At the same time, I have worked less than Upwork. It’s also free of use.
  3. FiverrThis is also the most popular website for freelancing, while its working way is different from both websites. Fiverr offers you to create your Gigs according to your skills. So create your Gig with your service which you provide to clients at your price.

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How do I start freelancing?

To start your freelancing career, you can follow the above steps. I have explained in Hindi below the video tutorial, So watch this video and if you get help please like that video and subscribe to my channel, So you will get a notification for the next tutorials.

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