How to add Terms and Conditions on Joomla 4


In Joomla 4 to add a terms and conditions statement on the registration form is no longer complicated because of the User- Terms and Conditions plugin. So in this blog,  we will learn how to add a terms and conditions statement to Joomla 4 registration form.

What are the Terms and Conditions for Joomla Registration

When visitors want to create an account on your Joomla4 website. However, they usually ignore terms and conditions statements. So, you can’t emphasize the terms and conditions you need them to read and accept when they register on your site. In Joomla 4 there is a plugin for user terms and conditions: User – Terms and Conditions.

This plugin provides you easy to a managed way to add terms as well as a full article of terms and conditions, So you can easily add a radio button for agreeing or not agreeing with the link of the terms page.

How to add Registration Terms and Conditions Statement on Joomla 4

There are the following steps to add terms and conditions using the plugin-

Step1: Login to Joomla 4 administrator panel.

Step2: Select the System from the left sidebar.

Step3: Under the Manage area, Select Plugins


Step4: Search and click on “User – Terms and Conditions”.

Step5: After opening the plugin first change the status to Enabled.

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Step6: Enter the custom message for the “Short Terms & Conditions” text box to emphasize the terms. Or you can leave it blank to use the default message: “By signing up to this website you accept the Terms & Conditions.”

Step7: If you want to provide detailed terms and conditions information on a new page then you have to create it in the article and select from this plugin.


Step8: Now Click on the Save & Close button at the top side.

Step9: After completing the backend plugin setup, now visit your Joomla 4 registration form at the front-end site. Make sure you have not logged in on the front end or visited the form on another browser or incognito window.

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You will see like below-