What are Connects on Upwork?


Upwork updates the system periodically to improve services and prevent spamming. So that freelancers’ and clients’ working environments become more secure and strong. Upwork applies connects method for the freelancer to bid. so this reduces the spam bids on a job and the only interested and genuine freelancers will apply for a job. So this way freelancers and clients can interact and form strong, productive relationships.

Freelancers can boost proposals on Upwork with Connects.  You’ll use Connects as a freelancer or agency to reach out to clients and let them know you’re interested in their project.

What is connects to Upwork?

Connects are similar to a coin. You must have connects to apply for jobs on Upwork. The amount of connects needs varies depending on the project. Sometimes you only need one connect to apply for a job. Two, four, or six connects are sometimes required to apply for a single job.

Freelancing is your business, and you, like any other business owner, must invest in order to offer your goods or services. When doing business in person, you may take a potential client out to lunch, invest in a unique presentation, or visit the client’s office or home to discuss the project. You are not only selling your services but also showing to potential clients that you are serious about your business and invested in developing a working relationship with them by taking these measures. Connecting with people is an investment in your freelancing career.

How to get more connects on Upwork?

Upwork provide connects in three ways as below:-

  1. Monthly free Connects
  2. Buy Connects
  3. Earn Connects

To learn more please see this post: How to get connects on Upwork. In this post, we have explained all 3 ways to get connects in detail.

1. Monthly Free Connects:

Each month, Freelancer Basic accounts receive 10 Connects for free, while Freelancer Plus accounts receive 70 Connects (including 10 for free!).

2. Buy Connects: 

Connects are offered in bundles of 10, 20, 40, 60, and 80 for $0.15 (USD) apiece. If their budget permits, agencies can also buy 150 or 300 bundles. To get more Connects, go to the following –

After you’ve selected the bundle you want to buy, click Add Connects, and your account will be paid automatically.

3. Earn Connects:

  • Register for the first time. To get started, you’ll receive 40 Connects. You’ll get another 40 Connects once you complete the Upwork Readiness Test, for a total of 80 FREE Connects!
  • Win an interview. You’ll earn a bonus of 10 Connects if you submit a proposal to a client, win an interview, and respond. Every seven days, you can earn up to 50 Connects.
  • Complete an Upwork Skill Certification. You’ll get a one-time Connects bonus if you earn an Upwork Skill Certification.
  • Earn a badge. You could get additional Connects if you qualify for an Upwork Talent Badge!


There are some questions related to this topic, So I have mentioned those questions and written answers.

 How do I get connects in Upwork?

Ans: To get connects in Upwork there are 3 methods

  1. Monthly free Connects
  2. Buy Connects
  3. Earn Connects

for more detail please referer to the above also see this: How to get connects on Upwork?

Does Upwork give free connects?

Ans: Yes, Upwork provides free connects and paid connects both. Normally 10 connects per month for free membership freelancer account and for plus membership freelancer account get 70 connects. To know more about referring to this: How can I get free connects on Upwork?

How many connects a month Upwork?

Ans: It depends on your Upwork membership if you have free freelancer membership you will get 10 connects in a month and if you have plus freelancer membership then you will get 70 connects.

Does Upwork charge for connects?

Ans: Basically Upwork does not charge for connects if you have connects already. But if your connects are used and you have 0 connects then you can’t bid on any projects so you will need to buy more connects first then you will be able to apply for new jobs. So now you have to pay for connects. So in this case you can say we have to pay a charge for connects. please refer to know how to buy connects on Upwork.