How do you Get your First Upwork job?


So you signed up on Upwork, and you want to start to work on projects. So let me explain how do you get your first Upwork job?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one to ask us this question.

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Every day, we get a bunch of newbies’ emails telling us they’ve signed up to the site, but they can’t get their first job.. We get it. This is a challenging place.

Get your First Upwork job

Clients want to see your experience of work, but how do you get feedback when you’re new, nobody is willing to give you an opportunity. It might feel like Catch-22,

For your first job, perseverance as a newbie is necessary. You’ve to work hard to get jobs and stand out from the crowd. But you won’t get the job by perseverance alone.

Here are a few things we believe you can navigate and boost your chances of reaching this important first job:

First of all, it is important to remember before beginning your career that Upwork always rejects newbie profiles that are as stock standard as any other individual. While you aren’t a beginner but have a difficult time finding jobs, it may be time to rethink your skills and reconstruct your profile from a useful ability.

Cheek these 10 tips that will definitely help you to get your very first  jobs on Upwork

1. Great work at Upwork is Rewarded

When you’re working for a client on a project, make it your best job. The higher the quality of work you do for your clients, the more jobs in the future you will get.

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When you develop a reputation for outstanding work, you’ll have customers coming to you. Instead of looking for job openings, you can get updates from customers who ask you to interview them. You may start raising your rates at that stage and earn even more on each new project.

2. Be Active

The dream is to have customers seeking you out, but before that point, you need to be involved. The newly posted opportunities on Upwork should be checked regularly. Use your Connects to send a proposal when you find a post that suits your skill set. You improve your chances of being included in the Upwork search results by regularly submitting proposals and being involved

3. Optimize Your Profile

One of the best things you can do to get more jobs on Upwork is to improve your profile. Your profile is giving you a chance to advertise your freelance business to potential clients by emphasizing your skills and expertise. Successful profiles are 100 percent complete, detailed, and compellingly describe your services and achievements.

You need to have a fully complete profile to be eligible for Upwork’s badges, such as Top Rated or Rising Talent.

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4. Find your niche

The more you concentrate on particular skill sets, the easier it is for you to develop your business. Not going after any and every work could seem like backward advice. But, as you expand your freelance business in 2023, it’s important to be strategic about the services you deliver.

Specializing presents you in that particular area as an expert, and you can build a portfolio that highlights your talent. When customers look at your past work experience, since you’ve already done it several times with other customers, they can see how you can help them with their dilemma.

5. Concentrate on Clients

Customers are trying to recruit freelancers who can help them solve a problem that they are unable to solve and want to know how to do it. Be sure to concentrate on the consumer and their condition. Explain to the customer how you can have value. Instead of making all of your profiles, proposals, and communication about you, make it about them.

6. Enhance your proposal

Writing job proposals that you find on Upwork is a skill that takes practice. Avoid using templates, and do not copy or paste the same thing for each submission. Project proposals should be unique and focused on how you can help the client. Tell the client why they should choose you by highlighting how their experience matches the objectives of their project. Keep your pitch short and straight; 100-300 words will usually tell the client everything they need to know.

If you get a response from a potential client, it is crucial to respond within 24 hours. Many clients will send you follow-up questions as they evaluate the candidates for the project. By responding promptly and answering the client’s questions in detail, you can distinguish yourself from the other candidates.

7. Look professional

Your first impression needs to be polished and professional. There are three things a client sees when they see your profile in the Upwork search feature: your profile picture, title, and brief overview.

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Your profile picture should be a high-quality headshot that features a professionally dressed, centered, and visible smile on your face.

The title section may seem simple, but these few words can have a significant impact on whether a client considers you to be a job. Use a title that accurately represents the services you offer and the level of your expertise. Be creative to make yourself stand out.

Only the first two or three sentences of your overview can be seen in the search results. You need to use the first few sentences to get the reader’s attention, highlight your expertise, and draw them to your profile to read more.

8. The proof is on the portfolio

Use your portfolio as a display case for your skills and expertise. You can include samples of past projects, screenshots, testimonials, or anything that demonstrates the quality of your work. Use portfolio descriptions to provide background information and tell a story about how each piece in your portfolio helped solve a client’s problem. Don’t forget to pick the portfolio pieces that reflect your niche and the jobs you’d like to get more in the future.

9. Establish Connections with Clients

If you start a client project, don’t think of it as a first-and-last contract. Try to establish a long-term relationship with your current and former clients to get a repeat market. You may do some of the same work for the client or recommend an extra service that adds value to the client.

Another advantage of creating a relationship with your clients is that they can help you find more opportunities. Once you have completed a project, you may ask for a testimonial or referral to other companies that may be using your services.

10. Be patient, don’t give up.

Your first client was probably the hardest to get; it’s just a matter of replicating that success to get more jobs. It takes time for a successful freelance business to grow. Be patient, stay optimistic, and get more clients to work.

Upwork is the perfect place to take the next step in your career. Millions of freelance opportunities are available. Put these ten tips to work for your freelance business to increase your chances of getting more jobs on Upwork.

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