Are WordPress developers in demand in 2024


More than 35 percent of internet sites are powered by WordPress, so the huge demand for qualified WordPress developers is not surprising. So let’s discuss whether WordPress developers will be in demand in 2024.

After all, someone needs all the WordPress websites and integrations that so many of us use daily to build and maintain them. WordPress developers worldwide are in demand and paying high wages, making WordPress development for many aspiring technologies an attractive career journey.

How are you going to be a WordPress developer? You’ll find everything you need to make an informed opinion about your future as a WordPress developer right here. Other helpful resources can also be found on WP development, salaries, education, and more.

What are the responsibilities of a WordPress developer?

WordPress developers are a kind of web-based developer working with WordPress (WP), an online content management system for web applications designed and created. Unlike traditional web developers who develop sites from scratch, WP developers use WP-powered websites to integrate them and develop plugins. You can also work on the development of WP topics.

The WordPress developers design the front and back ends of WordPress’s websites. WP developers are also responsible for designing and implementing WP websites and updating features based on the evolution of customer demands. A WP developer helps a company create a website that meets its exact needs and objectives.

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Here are some of the most common responsibilities that WordPress developers have:

  • Spend time consulting with clients to review project requirements
  • Creating a website’s front-end and back-end
  • Designing the structure of a website
  • Creating or updating WordPress themes
  • WordPress plugin development or configuration
  • A/B checks are carried out
  • Monitor the performance of a website
  • Solution of WordPress issues

WordPress development is a wonderful profession if you are interested in web development. But if you want to expand your horizons, you might want to consider a career in web development yourself, whether you want to be a front-end, back-end, or full-stack developer. If you’re thinking about web development as a profession, you can read our field guide here.

What is the role of a WordPress developer?

WordPress developers create, update, and maintain websites and web applications powered by the WordPress platform. They would be responsible for coding the website and then designing the user interface.

WordPress developers can collaborate with existing plugins to help a company integrate those features and build their own business integrations as well. The creator of WordPress may also be responsible for linking other components of the digital business infrastructure to their website through the use of APIs and other online tools.

Furthermore, WP developers can ensure that a website is designed for the publication of content and/or business according to the goals of the business. It is their responsibility to ensure that a website is up and running, usable, and meets all of the company’s requirements for their website.

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Are our WordPress developers in demand in 2024?

Developers of WordPress have a good work perspective, based on WordPress’ market share in website hosting. Although the Labor Statistics Bureau explicitly doesn’t track the growth of WP developer employment opportunities, its statistics for web developers can be used to estimate people’s job outlook in that area.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that by 2028, the number of workers for the production of the web will rise by 13 percent. “Much faster than normal,” the Bureau describes this development.

WordPress Developer Salary: How much do developers get from WordPress?

Compared with web developers, full-time WordPress developers command decent salaries. According to ZipRecruiter, the majority of wages for WP developers range from $45,000 to $74,500. WP developers receive about $63,500 a year in the average national wage.

There is no way to know how much a WordPress developer can expect to receive, as wages differ widely across companies and places. San Francisco WP developers record an average wage of over $74,000 a year; in Seattle, the same developer earns around $69,000.

Furthermore, your salary depends on your expertise. Senior developers of WordPress, often with more years of experience, can control salaries on the higher end of the pay scale graph. It is important to mention that compensation does not include inventory options and other benefits provided by some companies, Please keep this in mind when applying for a job.

Many developers on WordPress do not want to work as business employees, but rather as a freelancers. Freelance developers are also able to earn hundreds of dollars for a few hours of work, provided they have the right expertise.

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