5 Best Joomla Ecommerce Extension


Online shopping is the most commonly used thing by people in the current timeframe, and it is increasing day by day. So businessmen would like to run flexible online shopping cart websites or stores. In this post, we will learn about the 5 best Joomla e-commerce extensions for Joomla-based website extensions.

Online shopping is a popular choice for common people, so businessmen would like to run flexible online shopping cart sites. Joomla-based sites could be the right ones because they give proper results to the users. However, they need support from Joomla extensions to make the eCommerce sites very effective. Nowadays, we can see the number of eCommerce extensions online, so it is not necessary to feel worried about the selection of the best Joomla extensions. Here we are going to see some of the very best Joomla eCommerce and shopping cart extensions.

5 Best Shopping Cart & eCommerce Extensions

Today, with technological development,. Any eCommerce business needs to build an online store. Building an online Joomla store is now much easier than ever with numerous shopping cart extensions.
You may find it difficult to select your Joomla website’s eCommerce extension. We’ll analyze 5 popular eCommerce extensions of Joomla in this article. You can therefore choose the one for your site that is best suited.

1. HikaShop

5 Best Shopping Cart & eCommerce Extensions for Joomla

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HikaShop is also a Joomla cart extension and provides users with some useful benefits. If you want to develop HikaShop for your eCommerce site, you need to know HTML and CSS for better results. HikaShop is suitable for international sales, so developers like to select this extension. It also provides multilingual assistance and payment gates.

There are two types of extensions available and both are paid as below –

a) HikaShop Essential (€ 49,95) and b) HikaShop Essential (€ 99,90)

a) HikaShop Essential: Build a professional store of good marketing instruments.
HikaShop Essential’s advanced features, such as fine-grain discounts and vouchers or a guest checkout system, allow you to boost shopping.

b) HikaShop Essential:

HikaShop is the best edition of HikaShop, with everything we have to say.
Build a store online, extend your organization using our monitoring system or the automated partner system, capture personalized data and even more from your clients.

2. VirtueMart

5 Best Shopping Cart & eCommerce Extensions for Joomla 3

We would always like to choose a standard extension to run our website easily, so we can use VirtueMart. This is an excellent extension to Joomla, which is open source and does not require money to spend. This extension is very easy to customize, but collaborating on emerging technology requires some time. It has a good interface and a good architecture to ensure improved performance. It provides SEO help and VirtueMart has a payment option. The best option for any eCommerce development company might be Overhaul VirtueMart.

3. J2Store

5 Best Shopping Cart & eCommerce Extensions for Joomla 4

J2Store is a free extension and even no difficult registration process is required. Developers today like to use this extension as it offers many features instead of several premium extensions. Some of J2Store’s key features are reactive design, a modern price option, a multilingual product list layer, a sturdy combination or a variant generator, custom order status, and Dashboard order statistics.

4. Eshop

5 Best Shopping Cart & eCommerce Extensions for Joomla

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Eshop is another Joomla extension quality shopping cart that is free of charge. It has been developed based on the Joomla MVC structure, with high intensity. It is easy to use, so you must learn something new to work on it. Without any hassle, we can easily install it and add products too. Extension Eshop Joomla is very reactive and robust. Payment methods here are also easy so that users can confidently target the extension.

5. JoomShopping

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Because of its very specialized use, the JoomShopping extension is very popular. It provides numerous features that help rapidly increase online sales. This extension is also free of charge and offers several exclusive features. It automatically supports several payment methods and even permits users to add new payment methods. JoomShopping manages several categories and products. It is also multilingual and offers management of taxes and delivery.

You can use the shop for the sale of various products. Functions for selling music files or videos are also available in the online store. The shop description can be added to products displayed with text, photos in the online shop, and also audio or video files. Other features of the online shop: PDF custom bills. There are modules available to easily integrate payment providers as well as import and export data.