What is Hourly Protection on Upwork?


Upwork provides payment hourly protection to freelancers and agencies for hours validly billed according to the eligibility requirements below in order to establish fairness, reward loyalty, and encourage freelancers and agencies to develop their company on Upwork

Upwork Hourly Protection is simple: clients pay for hours worked, and freelancers are paid for the time spent working. This application employs the following characteristics to verify that an hour worked equals an hour paid and an hour paid equals an hour done on hourly jobs.

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What are the requirements for Upwork Payment protection hourly?

Upwork provides Upwork payment protection for both fixed-price and Hourly Projects. So in this article, we will discuss Hourly Protection.

You must meet the following

Requirements to be Eligible for Upwork Hourly Protection:

There are some requirements to achieve top-rated freelancer status on Upwork as below-

  • Get an hourly contract.
  • Work with a client who has a verified billing method.
  • Use a well-maintained Upwork account.
  • Use the Upwork Desktop App to track your hours.
  • Work on contract-related activities in your Work Diary in a visible manner.
  • Annotate your Work Diary with memos or activity labels that summarize the activity that was completed.


  1. Maintain reasonable and appropriate activity levels
  2. Maintain the weekly limit specified in the contract.

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The following things do not qualify for Upwork Hourly Protection:

  • Time segments in the Work Diary that do not match all of the above-mentioned qualification criteria. We exclude, for example, parts that are:
    • Manually added
    • Idle or blank
    • Exceeding the weekly limit
    • Displaying the freelancer engaged in non-work-related activities.
    • Missing memos or memos that have been insufficiently described
  • Payment for anything other than qualifying hours, including
    • Manual payments, such as milestones, bonuses, and other one-time payments
    • Weekly regular payments in advance that are not based on the number of hours billed
  • Payments received from clients who have not verified their billing method
  • Contracts or freelancers who violate the Upwork Terms of Service
  • Instances in which you are either aware of, or involved in, another user’s breach of the Upwork Terms of Service.
  • Cases in which you engage in fraudulent activity or abuse the Hourly Protection program.

The terms and conditions specified in the Upwork Terms of Service and Hourly Escrow Instructions apply to Upwork Hourly Protection.

Pro Tip: You must write a proper memo related to the task.