How to Get Work on Upwork with no experience


Would you like to make an extra income working online? But you don’t know how to start finding jobs on Upwork? So in this article, you will learn how to get work on Upwork with no experience and only one skill.

Upwork is one of the most used freelance websites. This is one the largest global platforms where clients and independent professionals come together for online work services. It has more than 12 million registered freelancers, and more than 5 million registered clients.

How do I be successful on Upwork?

When I started working on Upwork, I was a beginner with no freelancing skills. After some years, approx. 2 years, I became an expert in my skills in Joomla and WordPress, and I am making over $2000/month freelancing from Upwork!  Continue here if you want to learn how to start getting jobs and make money on Upwork events if you don’t have any experience.

upwork profile
upwork profile

If you are new in the industry and you would like to get some work and earn money from Upwork but have no experience, then no worries, you can still make it. Every Master was once a beginner. So as long as you are willing to learn, keep trying, and never give up, Upwork can be a great place for you to earn online money and make your profile top-rated.

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Here are 6 tips on how you can get work using Upwork even when you have no experience at all.

1. Create Your Upwork Profile: how to create an Upwork profile?

The first Upwork tip is to ensure your profile looks proficient and noteworthy! Your profile is the first impressive thing potential clients see when they are scanning for a specialist. Along these lines, how about we make it great?

Create Your Upwork Profile
Create Your Upwork Profile
  • Choose an expert-looking profile photograph, where your face is identified
  • Take your opportunity to compose an eye-catching presentation that outlines what you do in a couple of sentences.
  • Add your work history, including all pertinent experience.
  • Upload your portfolio after completing every activity and include tests of your work.

Investigate some high-positioning consultants and audit their profiles.

Try not to stress about utilizing other consultants’ Upwork profiles for motivation and tips on thoughtful things to write in your diagram.

What technique and stunts would they say they are utilizing to make their presentation pop? How are they depicting their aptitudes? Do they work in one region or would they say they are multi-gifted?

2. Get Upwork Approval: how to get approved on Upwork

Once you have completed your profile, it is time to submit it for approval. The first time you try to submit your Upwork profile, it might get rejected. Don’t give up.

Now you can go back to your Upwork profile and check what you can modify or improve.

Can you select a more unique niche in your Upwork category?

3. Get Your First Job: how to get your first client on Upwork

After your profile has been affirmed and you get a message like Your Upwork profile has been approved, Congratulations!

Now the time has come to get your first job on Upwork!

To get jobs on Upwork and earn money, you need to build up a good rating on Upwork.

But how do you get Upwork reviews without getting projects? My first Upwork tip for getting jobs is to start small.

You have to lose your ego and accept that you will need to work for a very low hourly rate at first. Until you can start earning good money, you will need to accept some low-paid jobs. Most clients who have large projects and are willing to pay more will be looking for well-established freelancers.

As a beginner on Upwork, It is easier to get low-paid work on Upwork. My first job was $10 for a Joomla bug fix. It was exciting, and the small work took 4 hours! However, when I was applying for the work, I told the client that the reason I was doing it was to get my first review.

The client appreciated my honesty and hired me right away.

I did the job, and he immediately rewarded me with my first 5 stars!

How can I get top-rated in Upwork?

NOTE – Apply for many small projects that have low-paid, quick, easy jobs to build up your Upwork rating.

4. Apply for Only Selectively Jobs: best Upwork jobs for beginners

Once you have done some low-paid jobs, then you can start to increase your rate. In the end, when you have some good reviews on Upwork you will be able to start earning a good income.

Finding a way how to get work on Upwork as a beginner is half down to knowing how to get and choose your clients. It is better to spend more time applying for selected well-paid projects but with a strong personalized pitch.

You must carefully select your jobs.  Use the filters to select clients from similar countries to yours. Because people who belong to similar countries to yours will probably have the same attitudes to workplace behaviour. Therefore, you will have fewer chances to clash over jobs.

Also, apply the filters to only select Intermediate or Expert jobs. If you want clients who give the importance of a dedicated, honest, and professional freelancer.

5. Believe Your Instincts

When you are learning how to be successful on Upwork, please listen to your mind! If you get a bad feeling about a client then trust your instinct – Leave it the job.

Some clients are more trouble than it’s worth. (If you do come across a troublesome client, always remain courteous and professional. Everything you write is there on the platform as evidence and can be reviewed by Upwork if you need to settle a dispute.)

Note – Remember that Upwork nearly always favors the client so any fallout means your success rating will suffer.

Upwork will tell you that with a success rate below 50%, you may fail to find work at all. Therefore, it’s really important to try and settle any grievances a client may have with you. Even if that means giving a refund.

6. Get Reviews And Increase Your Rate: Upwork reviews freelancers

when you have done some jobs with five-star ratings and positive reviews,  then you are no longer an Upwork beginner. It is time to increase your hourly rate to reflect your value.

I spent way too many months floating around the $6-8/hour mark because I wasn’t confident enough to sell myself. Eventually, I increased my rate to $15/hour.

Even at $20/hour, I still receive plenty of job opportunities a week. Have a look at what the other high-ranking freelancers are charging and put your rate as similar.

I don’t have any more skills I have only Joomla and WordPress expertise that I have got on Upwork when I was working in the company I was not getting proper work to perform well and there was a limited salary. I did that by hard work and focusing only on our freelancing job and I work regularly 10 hours per day and more depending on the client’s tasks.

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