How to get Top rated Badge on Upwork?


The job success score was presented by Upwork, a way of evaluating how well a freelancer worked. The Top-Rated badge came along with the profile. So in this tutorial, we will learn how to get top rated badge on Upwork.

Upwork Top Rated Benefits

The job success score was presented by Upwork, a way of evaluating how well a freelancer worked. The Top-Rated badge came along with the metric.

This badge is used to identify freelancers who do an excellent job and to offer them additional opportunities to grow their careers.

Top Rated Highlights freelancers and agencies that have built a strong reputation on Upwork by receiving positive feedback from their clients, time after time. They represent the top 10% of the Upwork talent.
Top-rated freelancers and agencies work at all levels of experience and in all categories around the world.

First of all, you should know how Upwork works.

It’s a freelance platform for freelancers to offer skills that might match what clients want. Clients will post work on Upwork when they need help getting a job done. You will find a range of top freelancers and agencies on this platform, from developers and development agencies to designers, copywriters, marketers, and more. Most clients hire you on the basis of your Upwork profile if you are top-rated and have a five-star rating on your Upwork profile you have more chances to get hired.
So top-rated badge and a five-star review are very important for your Upwork profile.

Why is the Top Rated badge is so important on Upwork?

As a top-rated freelancer or agency, you will have a dedicated badge on your freelancer, agency, or agency member’s profile and proposals that will be displayed to all clients. You’re also going to get the following benefits.
●    The top-rated badge is really great and it’s worth fighting for.  you have a “top-rated” badge in my profile. It acts as a trigger for those customers who are looking for qualified workers.
●    Lower fees for featured projects 10% instead of 20 percent
●    Ability to remove negative feedback from your profile
●    You’ll get invited to work more often than usual when you’re not top-rated.
●    You can get exclusive jobs and Some of the jobs are exclusive only for top-rated freelancers
●    You can host events in your city, so you have a chance to network with like-minded people.
●    You might be among the first few to get new features on your profile.

Eligibility for the Top Rated badge:

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Top-Rated status helps outstanding freelancers and agencies grow their businesses and become even more successful in the Upwork market.
it is not an exclusive club, nor anyone is top-rated. You must fulfill these program requirements:

  • Have a full profile and updated availability.
  • $1,000 or more in earnings for the past year.
  • 90 percent job success score or maintain Rising Talent status.
  • Have been hired to work on Upwork 90 or more days ago.
  • Have been active for the past 90 days.
  • Follow all policies and do not hold a recent account.
  • Satisfy these requirements for 13 weeks of the previous 16 weeks.
  • In short: regularly apply for Upwork jobs, follow the rules and provide excellent service.

There’s no top-rated application, it’s just being awarded to you.
Now the question is how to become a UPWORK TOP RATED FREELANCER?

How to Become Top Rated on Upwork
How to Become Top Rated on Upwork

You know that being top-rated is so important to get more work done on Upwork, you’re earning a top-rated badge by building an impressive Upwork reputation. You must have a proven track record of success with multiple clients, delight your clients with your work every time, and contribute to a safe and vibrant marketplace by knowing and following up on the Terms of Service. here are some tips you can apply and get top rated badge on Upwork
1. Research Clients details Before You Start Contracts:
Research the client to see what other freelancers said about him, If you notice that a client tends to terminate a contract with bad feedback and feedback scores given to freelancers, stay away. The same applies if feedback from freelancers to the client is also negative.
Stay away from that kind of client they will ruin your rating, so just do research on the client and his previous reviews before starting the contract.
2. Communicate Regularly During Contracts:
Poor communication could ruin any project. Before starting a project, make sure you understand what the client wants. If you don’t, ask your questions. Get in touch with the client as often as possible during the project and inform him of the progress you have made.

Also, keep your phone close or check your email regularly so that the client can reach you quickly if he wants to send a message. If you communicate effectively with a client, the project will be more successful. Equally important, the client will be more likely to give you good feedback, hire you for a long-term contract, or hire you later – all of which will help your score move up
3. Ensure The Client Is Satisfied :
If the client expresses even the slightest disappointment with your work, ask the client what you can do to make it better, and then go ahead and do it. Of course, every once in a while, you will meet a client with unreasonably high expectations, which you may not be able to fully satisfy. However, try to make sure that you leave every client with a smile as much as possible.
4. Respond To Clients Within 24 Hours :
If you get a call for a job, respond as soon as possible. Upwork tracks your response on the stats page, and if you take a long time to get back to clients, it could, at the very least, impair your chances of earning jobs.
5. Find out how to score more jobs:
The more active you are, the more opportunities you have to impress your clients and improve their job success scores. In addition, Upwork requires you to make at least $1000 a year before you can be top-rated.
6. Let the client put an end to the contract :
If you have noticed, the sample message above includes the phrase “Please terminate the contract and___.” This is very important to me. If you close a contract yourself, Upwork assumes that the client has not been satisfied, and this will negatively reflect the success score of your job.
7. Monitor your statistics :
Please check my stats page regularly. The information on this page may help you to know how well your efforts are paying off, as well as any improvements you may need to make.
8. Apply to long-term contracts  :
Upwork believes that a client will only retain you for a long-term contract if you are skilled and your performance is good, and that’s the truth. As long-term contracts improve your score, it is wise to focus more on them.
9. Only apply to jobs that you know you can do :
This is a well-known tip for the success of Upwork. If you doubt that you can not do a job, do not apply. Some freelancers are tempted to apply for or accept invitations to, just any job that comes along, especially when they haven’t been hired for a while. However, it is wise to refrain from work and even reject invitations if you are not sure that you can do the job.
10. Ask for Feedback  :
Don’t say, “Please give me 5 Star Feedback,” that’s kind of pushy and anti-Upwork policy. you can say something like, “I really enjoyed working together on your project. I hope I was able to satisfy you. If there’s anything that isn’t up to your taste yet, please point it out and I’d get to work on it. If you are satisfied with the project, please terminate the contract and provide feedback. My success on this platform depends on the feedback I get from clients, so I’m really going to appreciate a good rating. Thank you for a wonderful work experience”

Following the tips I shared in this post, I was able to boost my job success score by up to 100 percent and, in the process, strengthen my position as a top freelancer. I know the tips are going to work for you too, good luck