How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money?


It is the most popular topic. If you have not started a blog and still finding an answer to this question, then I am happy to say you come to the right place. In this post, you will learn how to start a blog for free and make money

The best tip is the focus on the content of your blog, not only on the money you can get after some time.

So now, first of all, you have to generate a good amount of traffic. Without traffic, you will get nothing. So you have to focus on the content and quality of content and brand value of your blog. When you write articles or content think about readers, not for money.

How to Start a Blog?

In 2022, blogging is practically becoming the most demanded career choice. You can easily create your blog using some software like Joomla, WordPress, etc.

I would like to suggest the world-famous CMS WordPress that is most suitable for Blogging.
There are some basic steps to set up a blog:-
Step 1: Choose your niche.

There are some questions you have to ask yourself-
1) Are you an expert in something?
2) Do you enjoy talking about it?
3) Is it a hot topic in the digital market?
4) Is the topic profitable

Step 2: Select the right platform Initially when you’re starting a blog, then you should go for a free blogging platform like Blogger,, GoDaddy, etc.

I would like to suggest which is the best choice to start your blog.

It has the following benefits-
1) It is open-source software which means you can use
2) It has provided the option to install hundreds of free themes and plugins.
3) WordPress website is updated regularly.
4) You have no need to share the revenues earned.
5) You will have full control over your blog.

Choose Web Hosting and Domain Name

Step 3: Select Web Hosting and Domain Name.
You can choose the best hosting, where so many hosting websites are available.

Bluehost is the best web host for your WordPress blog.
This hosting provided the following services-
1) Free Domain name for 1 year
2) Free SSL security
3) 1-click WordPress installation
4) Free custom email accounts

Step4: Installation WordPress and configure your blog
1) You can use auto-installer
2) Pre Installed WordPress
3) Manual Installation or direct upload of files
4) Install WordPress on a local computer

Step 5: Customize Your Blog using WordPress Themes You can choose them according to your need there are thousands of free and paid themes available.

Step 6: Add a logo and favicon to your blog website.
The logo and favicon of your blog will help viewers remember your blog.

Step 7: Add new pages for your blog You can create multiple pages like Blogs, About, Privacy policy, etc. to your blog.

Step 8: Add New Blog Posts Go to your admin dashboard and add new posts.

Step9: You can add menus and widgets on the website their main important part is navigation menus.
So if you know a little bit about website development then you can do all these steps easily. Otherwise, you can hire a developer for these things completed.

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How to Earn Money from a Blog?

There are many types of sources to generate money from your blog. These include Affiliate marketing, direct ads, Promotional/sponsored posts and the most popular method is Google AdSense, etc.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the most popular choice of any new blogger, you must have already known about AdSense. Create your blog, add some quality content, and try to get some traffic. Always try to write unique content. Don’t try to copy from others. Apply in advance and wait for approval. After the approval of your AdSense account, you can place ads on your blog pages. To earn more, you need to get more traffic.

So to make a good amount of money from AdSense, there are two conditions:
1. Some quality of traffic from countries like the US, Australia, UK, etc.
2. OR you need a large number amount of traffic from countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

AdSense Works based on CPC & CPM. CPC is the main factor to earn from AdSense. CPC of Foreign Countries (US, Australia, UK, etc.) has the highest CPC (cost per click) then followed by countries.
In blogging, most people get trapped by the myth of high CPC keywords. But this is useless & time-wasting. I would like to suggest you just select keywords that have a high search volume. To know the Top 10 Best AdSense Alternatives for your Website

Direct ads

And the Second method to earn money is Direct ads. Most bloggers would not be happy earning with AdSense only. So to make a good amount of money, AdSense is not a perfect method because AdSense is not caring about the actual worth of your traffic.

When you will get a good amount of views on your blog, then you will be approached by multiple companies for contracts to place ads on your blog, and website, and they will be a very good amount of money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best of all the above methods. The best source of income using blogs, Promoting products by doing reviews, sharing offers, coupons, etc., and then you have to use your affiliate/referral link inside of your blog posts, So you will get your affiliate commission if anyone buys any product from your affiliate link, you will get your commission amount.

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