How do you Create a Website on SITE123 free of cost?


SITE123 makes it simple for anyone to create a website on SITE123 free of cost. With a few simple steps, you can create your own professional, beautiful website.

Start with this step-by-step guide:

1. Choose the correct type of website for you

Choose the correct type of website for you
Choose the correct type of website for you

Do you want to learn how to make a website without spending any money? SITE123 has the proper type of website for each type of project you have in mind. Our website builder is designed to be the most user-friendly and convenient on the web. You don’t need a hosting provider or a web developer to create your website. Find out why you should make a free website with SITE123 right now.

We have a variety of categories and subcategories, such as businesses, restaurants, events, and many others. There are hundreds of website types on a wide range of topics, so if you’re looking for a free way to build a website, you’ll find it here. SITE123’s system is designed to allow individuals with little or no experience to develop professional-looking websites and publish them online while learning how to do it. Create your website today with Site123.

Choose a layout and structure for your website.

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You can easily choose a style and structure for your website once you know what sort of website you want. On SITE123, there are several styles for each type of webpage. You may also choose from a variety of structures, which radically alter the look of your website. If the template is the starting point, the layout and structure are where you add some subtlety to the desired design.

2. Examine the Amazing Features

Examine the Amezing Features
Examine the Amazing Features

It’s time to add some nuance to your website after you’ve decided on its type, layout, and structure. While creating your professional website with our free website builder, you can alter numerous aspects throughout your design. When creating material, you should concentrate on the visuals: adding colours, uploading photographs and videos, writing personal information, and so on. You can always design your site with simplicity with SITE123.

Add & Edit Pages

Add and edit any type of page you need in a flash. Any website type can have any sort of page that can then be modified.

Arrange your Pages

Sort your pages in any order you desire, and give each one a unique name. All modifications are immediately reflected in the editor.

Upload Images & videos

You can use your own photographs and videos on a variety of page types. You don’t have all the information you require? Explore our free media collection, which is chock-full of useful information. As you learn how to make a website, apply filters to any image and style everything to your liking.

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Take advantage of our excellent design features.

Create stunning video and image galleries, improve your content, and personalize your site while it changes to be fully responsive on all mobile devices.

Choose Colors & Fonts

Choose from hundreds of web fonts that are appropriate for your website. Select from a variety of colour palette samples or manually design all of your colours.

3. Add Your Content


The homepage of your website is the first thing most visitors will see. This means that the text, graphics, or video on your website should make it obvious who you are and what your website is about. If you’re trying to sell something, a call to action—buy this, start here, etc. – can help direct viewers to the action you want them to take.

My About Page

This is where you can tell about your website and experiences, as well as share your narrative. Make sure your message is appropriate for your target audience as well as your company’s overall culture. Making prospective consumers feel at ease while learning about your company or organization can be as simple as telling them who you are and what you do.

Many Page Types

Use the numerous useful page types accessible to you as you build your website! Restaurants, timetable booking, services, events, and online businesses are just a few of the various options available. These pages were created with the task you’re working on in mind. Use these sections to help you create your website.

4. Contact Information & Social Media

Contact Form for SITE123

Your visitors can use the Contact Us page to send you messages and get information for your website. You will receive a message in your form messages folder for each email you receive. Viewer feedback is helpful in gaining a better understanding of your potential consumers and website audience.

Implementation of Social Media

One of the most effective ways to sell your website online is through social networking. SITE123 lets you include social network buttons in your header and footer that link to your profiles on each platform. This feature is enabled by default, so all you have to do now is fill in your details!

Mailing List

SITE123 makes it simple for users to join your mailing list. Newsletters, promotions, updates, and any other messages can be sent to everyone who registers with their email address on your mailing list. Creating a large mailing list will provide you with a voice to communicate with your consumers and subscribers.

Use Google Maps

Do you want to promote your company’s location? You can display your actual address on Google Maps as part of your contact us page. It appears professional and lends credibility to your company or business if customers know where you are located.

5. Manage Your Website


See how valuable an online community can be by adding a blog to your SITE123 website. Blog postings are great for keeping your audience informed, attracting new visitors, and keeping your website current and relevant. Share anything you think might benefit your business, such as customer advice, videos, images, behind-the-scenes deals, and whatever else comes to mind.

Service Scheduling

Make it possible for your consumers to book appointments with you right on your website! Clients can make reservations for services you offer on the Calendar Booking page, which fits into your schedule. You may also schedule more meetings and accept payments from clients online; everything is built with your convenience in mind.

Plugins & Apps

You can integrate dozens of powerful applications and plugins into your website with the SITE123 App Market. You may use live chat apps, construct custom forms, track visitor surfing behaviours, and collect user information, among other things. These apps provide features that assist you in learning how to build a website and make it effective.

6. Connect Your Domain to the Internet

Set Unique Domains

Do you have your web address? Your domain can be easily linked to the SITE123 website you developed. Any premium plan allows you to connect your domain and demonstrate the time and effort you’ve put into your website.

Find New Domains

Don’t worry if you don’t have the correct domain for your website yet! You can use our powerful and easy-to-use domain search engine to determine if the domain you desire is available. We have over a hundred domains available. TLDs provide you with a plethora of options. Test it out and see if you can find the domain you’re looking for!

Connect my domain for me

For someone who doesn’t know how connecting a domain can be a pain,. SITE123 is here to assist you. We can link your domain for you for free if you don’t know how or don’t want to do it yourself. Simply fill out our “do it for me” form with your information, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Domain Redirects

Do you have many domains that you’d want to point to in the same place? That’s not an issue with SITE123! You can use our redirect domains tool to route numerous domains to your principal domain, allowing you to have multiple domains all referring to the same website!

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7. Make Your Website Public

Publishing your website

All you have to do now is publish your website once it’s finished. It couldn’t be simpler: simply click the green “Publish” button in the editor panel to get your website live. Did you ever imagine that creating a website could be so simple?

Share your website with others.

It’s time to start sharing your free website now that you’ve finished it! Begin by sharing your website on various social media platforms and with your friends, family, and colleagues. Distribute the word about your website and watch it take off!

Improve your website’s SEO

Search Engine optimization (SEO) is critical for people to find your website on the internet. The SEO status of SITE123 is great, helping users to find your website more easily. We also offer helpful hints to any of our users who contact us via our online chat service, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We make every effort to ensure that your website stands out in the eyes of search engines.