How to Use {loadposition} and {loadmodule} in Joomla?


Joomla module is a block of code that displays the data on the page. Joomla provides a facility to add modules on the positions that are defined in the template.In this article we will learn how to use {loadposition} and {loadmodule} in Joomla?

Sometimes we need to add a module where template positions are not placed on the page. Like if you want to add a module within the article where Joomla template positions are not available.

There are two ways in Joomla that allow easy place directly.

  • loadposition – Publish module by specific position
  • loadmodule – Publish module by specific module name

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Step1: Enable the Load Module Plugin

loadmodule plugin

Before applying both methods we need to enable the load module plugin from the plugins manager.

  • Go to Extensions=>Plugins
  • Find the “Content – Load Modules” plugin using the filter.
  • Make sure the “Status” column has a green check in it. If it’s a red circle, click it to make it green.

Step2: Add module by Module Button

  • In the article using a text editor you can see a Module button on the right side, So click on it.

module button

module button

  • Click on the green module button which one you want to publish in the article.
click green-module-button

This module will display the all latest articles (news) using the loadmoduleid as below-

{loadmoduleid 28}


Step3: Add Module using {loadmodule}  and {loadpostion}

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Let me explain both methods in detail as below.

  • loadmodule– There are the following steps:
    • Create an article
    • Write the name of the module (ex. login module) with the prefix “mod_” like mod_login
    • Syntax: {loadmodule mod_login}

After saving this article, It will look like this at the front end:

  • loadposition– If you want to add a module in the article you have to use {loadpostion position_name} syntax in the article. It provides more control over the module syntax and it is useful if you are not using the Joomla editor.
  • Go to extensions >> Module Manager > New
  • Select a module type like “Book Store”
  • Enter the title of the module
  • On the right side of the screen select the position example “position-10”
  • Save your module



After saving the module and entering syntax in the article as below-


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After saving the article it will look like this on the front end