How to Create Contact Form in Joomla 5


In this tutorial, you will learn how to create contact form in Joomla 5 website. A basic contact form is a great way to send a message or provide feedback, giving your visitors an easy way to contact you. This tutorial will help you create a contact form that sends emails to your Joomla user account email address.

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How to Create a Contact Form in Joomla 5

This tutorial will show you how to create a contact form on your Joomla 5 website. When someone fills out the form and submits it, an email will automatically be sent to the email address you use for your Joomla account. This way, you’ll get their message directly in your inbox and can easily reply to them.

In Joomla 5, there are two ways to create a contact form. The first is to use the default Joomla contacts component, and the second is to use a Form Builder extension.

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1. Joomla Contacts Component:

Log in to the Joomla admin panel and click on Contacts in the left-side menu.

Contacts Component in Joomla 5

2. Create Contact Category:

This is not required, but it is an organized way to create your category for the contact form. if you are using more than one contact form for different purposes. If you don’t want to create a category, the default category, “Uncategorised,” will assign your contact form.

a) Click on the Categories menu from the right side

b) Click on the New Button

Create new category name in contact form
Create a new category name in the contact form

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c) Enter the category Title and Description as shown in the below screenshot, and then click the Save & Close button.

Enter the category name in joomla contact form
Enter the category name in the Joomla contact form

3. Create Contact Form:

a) Now you can create a contact form by clicking on the Contacts menu

b) There are 2 options when you create your first contact form, the first is the “New” button, and the second is the “Add your first contact” button in the center.

Create a New Contact form

b) Enter the details, like position, email, address, city, state, etc.

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Enter the contact form details in Joomla 5

c) Select the category from the right-side dropdown.

d) Click on the Save & Close button

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4. Create Contact Us Menu:

This step ensures visitors can easily find your contact form. We’ll guide you through creating a dedicated menu item labelled “Contact Us” that links directly to your form. This makes it clear and convenient for visitors to get in touch.

a) Go to Menu navigation and click on Main menu

Create contact us menu
Create a Contact Us menu

b) Now you have to click on the New Button, so the following page will display, where you have to choose Menu Item Type.

Create Contact us menu in Joomla 5
Create a Contact Us menu in Joomla 5

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c) Choose Menu Item Type “Single Contact” from the list.

Select single contact form
Select single contact in Joomla 5 Contacts

d) Select a contact form from the Select Contact option and click on the Save & Close button.

Select Contact form from Contacts list
Select the Contact form from the Contact option

e) Go to the front end of your website and see the menu “Contact Us.”

Contact us menu on front end
Contact Us menu on the front end

f) Now your Contact Us form is ready to go live.

contact us form in joomla 5
contact us form in Joomla 5

Extra Point:

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g) If you want to create a custom contact form and display more information, you can create custom fields using the contacts component. It provides the option to create custom fields for different contact forms and categories by groups. So you can easily manage all custom fields by group.

a) Click on the Field Groups menu and create a field group by clicking on the New button.

b) Click on the Fields menu => click on the New button

create fields in contact us
create fields in Contact Us

c) Enter the field title, and select the field type, name, label, etc.

d) Select the contact form Category

e) Select the Field Group and  click on the Save & Close button.

Create company field in contact form joomla 5
Create a company field in the contact form Joomla 5

f) Once you publish the fields, they will display in the contact form on a new tab with the tab “contact field,” which is the field’s group name.

custom fields with tabs
custom fields with tabs

g) Enter the Company Name and Company URL, and save & Close it.

h) Now check that the front end page will display like below:

custom fields display on frontend
custom fields display on frontend

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5. Create Contact Form with Form Builders:

If you must store visitor-submitted Contact Us form data, use extensions like RSForm, Chronoform, Breezing Forms, etc.

They provide a drag-and-drop option and custom HTML design features, so you can easily create and use them on your website. If you want detailed information about these forms, please comment below or contact us here

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