Compare the 5 Best Joomla Page Builders 2024


Joomla has the best expandability capability, so we can extend the layout and functionality. We can install Joomla page builders to create web pages in the fastest way possible. Let’s compare the 5 best Joomla page builders.

With the rapid development of technology, creating a website has never been easier. There are so many page builders and website builders available, such as Wix and Squarespace. Joomla users have access to several good Joomla page builder tools that can help them create Joomla-based websites more quickly, at a lower cost of development, and with ease of maintenance.

In this article, I’ll go through the top-rated Joomla page builders, their main features, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each page builder, so you can pick the best one for your project.

What exactly is the Joomla page builder?

Joomla page builder is a tool that can be installed as a Joomla extension to help users build pages for their websites faster using a friendly working panel, drag-and-drop layout builder, pre-made content pages, and content blocks that can be easily imported or added inline editor, and tonnes of style configuration and customization options.

Before page builders, you had to do bespoke coding or pay a developer and spend a lot of money to create a website. You do not need to duplicate outdated methods in this new day. Instead, you can use page builders to create your website.

Here is the list of the 5 Best Joomla Page Builders

1. SP Page Builder (JoomShaper)
2. JA Joomla Page Builder (JoomlArt)
3. Template Toaster
4. Quix Joomla Page Builder (Theme Expert)
5. JSN Joomla Page Builder (Joomlashine)

Compare the 5 Best Joomla Page Builders

1. SP Page Builder (JoomShaper)

SP Page Builder(JoomShaper) in Joomla
SP Page Builder (JoomShaper) in Joomla

This Joomla page builder is a sophisticated drag-and-drop tool that includes a page editor for both the front end and back end. SP Page Builder has a tonne of amazing features that will make creating a website the easiest it’s ever been. There are several free and premium layout bundles, content blocks, and add-ons available in the Joomla page builder.

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JoomShaper Joomla page builder core features:

#1. 16 packages of pre-made layouts

#2. There are more than 50 free and premium options. Add-ons

These add-ons allow you to design your desired section without having to know how to code. With this page builder, you can choose from more than 50 add-ons. Each addon has its personality and function.

#3. Helix Framework Integration

SP The Helix framework is included in the page builder. Helix is the quickest template framework, with clean code and cutting-edge technologies. Helix is fully search engine optimized, allowing you to effortlessly rank your material at the top of search results.

#4. A page builder that truly drags & drops

Website creation is not a difficult undertaking in this day and age, and SP Page Builder makes it even easier with its award-winning drag-and-drop interface. Every element is preserved in the sidebar, so all you have to do is drag and drop the ones you need to create your desired part.

Additional features of the SP Joomla page builder include:

  • Fully Responsive & mobile-optimized pages
  • Real-time Frontend Editing
  • 90+ ready-to-use section designs
  • Enable/Disable Rows, Columns, or Addons
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo
  • Powerful Media Manager
  • Pre-designed Layouts
  • Export/Import Pages
  • CSS customization editor
  • Joomla article integration
  • Access Control List (ACL) Support
  • Compatible with many popular Joomla 3rd party extensions: JCE, K2, J2Store, etc.

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2. JA Joomla Page Builder (JoomlArt)

2. JA Joomla Page Builder(JoomlArt)
JA Joomla Page Builder (JoomlArt)

Joomlart’s JA builder is one of the best builder tools for Joomla CMS. With attractive preset page libraries and content blocks, you can quickly create a great website. There are so many options that there aren’t many changes required.

Every element block has a preview, so you don’t have to position and inspect each one individually. It’s free to try out, and if you like it, you may put it on your website. Is that all there is to it? There is room for greater modification. Every aspect of each block can be customized.

29+ ready-to-use templates Library of Pages

Time is a vital resource, hence, JA Builder gives you 29+ premium page libraries to help you save it. These pages are finished and ready to be used wherever you wish. Every page is stylish and built with your needs in mind from top to bottom.

Select “Page” from the page menu and enter the desired page. It will be inserted with only one click and will look exactly like the preview. These page libraries will not remain the same indefinitely; the Joomlart team regularly refreshes these pages and adds new ones.

120+ Content Blocks to Save Your Time

There are more than 18 types of content blocks available with JA Builder. Here you can find more than one choice for every, and a total of 130+ blocks are available with the JA Joomla content builder. This page block contains the homepage, about us, portfolio, contact, etc. Within just one click, a block can be instantly inserted.

Every content block is designed by professional designers and keeps users’ requirements in mind. The most popular designs are already done. But if you like to customize more, edit each element the way you want. These blocks are updated regularly.

Configuration with strong responsiveness

JA The Joomla page builder includes 120+ content blocks and 29+ page libraries that are fully responsive across all devices. Every layout you create with this website builder is fully responsive across all devices. Your website will always look the same regardless of whether the device is used to access it.

You may verify the device’s responsive settings and view several device layouts such as widescreen, desktop, tablet, and phone once you’ve developed a section. You can edit or disable whatever sections you like from there.

JA Joomla Page Builder List of Features

  • Inline Edit: Change any text you want inline and make it look good with editor format options.
  • Edit blocks: Configure each block based on pre-defined parameters
  • Interact with all Joomla pages: JA Builder supports all Joomla pages and the ability to configure layout in Joomla ways.
  • Video overlay support: You can easily combine any components in a variety of design projects. It’s easy!
  • Icons Support: There are a lot of different blocks that will help you to make a perfect project.
  • Responsive config: Use your time to generate new ideas for your startup. Take a break from the routine.
  • Work with all templates & frameworks: The Joomla page builder works properly with all frameworks and templates.
  • Compatible with 3rd extensions: Fully compatible with all 3rd extensions: Easysocial, Easyblog, K2, Easydiscuss, Virtuemart, etc.
  • Image Replacement: Change the image for any block by replacing the URL or uploading a new image

Download JA Joomla Page Builder

3. TemplateToaster

3. TemplateToaster
3. TemplateToaster

The TemplateToaster Joomla page builder is a desktop application. It is designed to make it simple to create gorgeous Joomla layouts. Since its release, Joomla users have grown to adore this Joomla template maker for a variety of reasons. You can simply design any type of Joomla page, offer a Joomla template, or Joomla site using TemplateToaster software. It has several sophisticated tools that allow you to quickly create Joomla pages. With this powerful Joomla page builder, you can create any type of page, from simple to complicated.

Simply drag and drop the elements to the desired location and witness how beautifully things change. And if you haven’t tried it yet, you should. I am confident that you will fall in love with its extensive set of features and abilities. TemplateToaster offers free Joomla templates for download. Check out the top Joomla hosting services.

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  • TemplateToaster is a Joomla page builder that allows you to drag and drop elements into the page.
  • It includes a sticky menu option.
  • A fantastic full-width layout design.
  • Numerous layout options are available to create a fully functional Joomla page.
  • TemplateToaster features a header layout style to suit your preferences.
  • A user-friendly interface for making adjustments.
  • In templates, you may easily construct an endless number of unique module locations.
  • It offers excellent VirtueMart support.
  • It supports RWD (Responsive Web Design).
  • The Bootstrap framework is supported by TemplateToaster.
  • Every TemplateToaster template guarantees smoothness.
  • Joomla web pages may be simply translated into multiple languages.
  • Over 100 ready-to-use templates are available.
  • Custom CSS, JS, and PHP are all supported.


  • It has advanced page components.
  • You can enjoy an unlimited number of free trials.
  • Completely responsive designs.
  • Templates created with TemplateToaster do not contain any hefty divs or stylistic codes.
  • Joomla site creation is lightning fast.
  • It includes page layouts as well as custom customization choices.


  • It is Joomla page-building software that works offline. As a result, you will need to download it into your computer. That’s the only disadvantage I can think of.


TemplateToaster’s pricing structure is both reasonable and simple to understand. It features a one-time payment option that frees you from monthly repayments and yearly subscriptions. It costs $49.

TemplateToaster is a desktop-based Joomla page builder. All you have to do is run the unlimited trials and then buy the license key. However, you can buy it right away without trying it first, and you will not be disappointed.

You don’t need to be a tech whiz to utilize the TemplateToaster Joomla page builder. It’s really simple to use, and the WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to post items.

Download TemplateToaster

4. Quix Joomla Page Builder (ThemeExpert)

4. Quix Joomla Page Builder (Themeexpert)
Quix Joomla Page Builder (ThemeExpert)

Quix Joomla page builder is a powerful Joomla page builder with a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to quickly create any layout without any coding knowledge. It is an excellent Joomla visual editor that can be used to create any type of website.

This Joomla page builder is available in both free and paid versions. This Joomla page builder free version allows you to do practically everything. When you compare the free version of Quix to the pro version of other builders, you will see the distinctions and power of the Quix Joomla page builder free version for yourself.

Quix Joomla page builder’s primary features are as follows:

  •  Frontend Working Panel that is Simple to Use

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Quix Joomla page builder is compatible with both frontend and backend builders. The backend builder is known as the classic builder, and it allows you to construct in a completely traditional manner. The front-end builder, often known as the visual builder, is where the magic happens.

To design a Joomla website and any Joomla layouts, the Joomla page builder includes a powerful drag-and-drop layout builder.

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  • Layout Builder with Drag and Drop

Layout Builder with Drag and Drop
Layout Builder with Drag and Drop

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Quix’s most powerful feature is the ability to create complex layouts. Whatever style of layout you wish to create, it is always achievable with Quix. When attempting to design any nested columns, you may become tangled or lost. However, with Quix, it is quite simple to build nested columns.

  • Form builder with advanced features

Every website needs a form, and you don’t need to use any other Joomla contact form plugins to create one. Quix includes a form builder feature that allows you to quickly create the form you need. This element is enhanced with all of the relevant fields for a daily contact form.

Add as many fields as you need, then gather the data; this could be a survey form, a login form, or a registration form, for example.

Core features list: Quix Joomla Page Builder:

  • Advanced Media Manager
  • Frontend Builder (visual builder)
  • Backend Builder (classic builder)
  • QuixRank (optimize SEO for faster ranking)
  • Quix Optimize (Smartly optimize your images)
  • ACL (Control users in the way you want)
  • Form Builder
  • Shape Dividers
  • Integration of 3rd-Party Extensions
  • Support for SVG
  • Drag-and-Drop Page Building
  • Sections of ready-made layouts with settings for everything
  • Typography options that can be customized
  • Portability option with 100 percent device responsiveness
  • Destruction of a movable, unrestricted Unrestricted Mode

More Info & Free Download

5. JSN Joomla Page Builder (Joomlashine)

5. JSN Joomla Page Builder(Joomlashine)
JSN Joomla Page Builder (Joomlashine)

JoomlaShine’s JSN PageBuilder 3 is a fantastic Joomla page builder. The powerful Visual Composer plugin makes it simple to create sophisticated web content. This page builder offers a variety of features and functions, as well as three payment options: free, pro-individual, and pro-developer. Let’s take a look at the features and functionalities of each plan.

Powerful Elements

JSN Page Builder 3 comes with wealthy building blocks, which are collections of components that will be utilized to make about any type of web page.

A dashboard that’s easy to use.

The addon is simple to use, with all settings organized in a sleek inspector panel for easy control and time savings.

List of Features for the JSN Joomla Page Builder:
  • Fully Responsive to All Devices
  • Revolutionary UX
  • Advanced features
  • Use Anywhere is a useful feature.
  • Content in Joomla
  • Editing in the visual and front-end
  • The Media Selector is a handy tool that allows you to choose from a variety of
  • Module Positions That Can Be Changed
  • Element with a lot of content
  • Page-by-page optimization

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