How to Create a Website using WordPress?


You are reading this blog that means you want to create your website and find the answer to your question “how to make a WordPress site?” or “How to start a WordPress site?” or something like that.

You may be feeling this task is very critical and to build a website you should have knowledge of website designing and programming skills.

Well, I would like to know you an interesting thing that creating your website is a very easy task now. There is multiple software available and easy to use like Joomla, WordPress, etc. So with this software (CMS), anyone can successfully build a unique and good-looking website for their own business, blog, online store, or portfolio. So here we are talking about WordPress

Now you may be thinking what is WordPress and how does it work?, then you can click on the link attached in the question text so where I have explained WordPress in detail. Let me explain in brief:

“WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that provides a platform where you can insert the content of the blog or website information. It is the world’s number one blogging tool that is SEO-friendly CMS and developed for blogging especially.  WordPress is easy to install and the fastest way to create a website within 10 minutes.”

To learn more about please see our tutorial: What is WordPress? and How does it work?

So now, let’s start the process of our topic how to make a WordPress website. In this tutorial, we will cover step-by-step points.

What do I need to develop a website?

There are the following three things to create your WordPress website.

  1. Domain Name – this is the name of your website URL like
  2. WordPress Hosting – This is the place where your website files will be stored.
  3. WordPress Setup Installation – This is the setup (combination of files) of WordPress.

So let’s start with the first point-

Step1: Domain Name

The first step is to choose the name of your website. it will be related to your blog title, business, and company name.  you should choose SEO friendly domain name and the domain should use .com if possible.  But if your wanted URL is not available then you can choose other options.

 What is domain explain?

A domain name is the path or address of your website for example is a domain name of Google.  So when you enter this address (URL) in the address bar of the browser then Google’s website will be loaded on the browser. Every domain name is unique.

Step2:  WordPress Hosting

One of the most common mistakes that beginners make when they choose the domain name.  You have to choose the best WordPress hosting, for more information about it, please see our tutorials Top 5 best WordPress hosting.  WordPress also recommends 3 hosting providers.

 Get a discount buy from this Buy Now

So you can choose any one or you can follow our guide: Top 5 best WordPress hosting.

If you are still confused and want suggestions from my side so I would like to suggest Bluehost because I am using this for my client’s website.  But SiteGround is also one of the best hosting companies.

So after purchasing hosting let’s move to the next step.

Step3: WordPress Installation

When you buy hosting from our link you will get a discount as well WordPress is automatically installed by hosting for you.  While there is an option available for a one-click WordPress installer to make it easier for non-technical users to build their websites.

If you want to learn more about How to install WordPress on the server read our post:  How to install WordPress from cPanel.

Now you have to just log in to your Bluehost account and click on the Login to WordPress button then you will enter it into the dashboard

OR you can go directly by URL:

how to start a blog wordpress


Step4: Select WordPress Theme

So now you have to choose a theme according to your need. Please read our guide: best multipurpose themes for WordPress. where I have explained the best themes for different niches like blogs, eCommerce or portals, etc.

The theme is an important part of the website according to requirements we choose a theme like for a news website you have to choose a new theme etc.

By default, WordPress has a default basic theme like that:


So this is not the best looking and attractive for users. but you do not need to worry, there are so many free and paid WordPress themes available that you can install easily.

YOu can change your theme from Backend Dashboard: Appearance->Themes

WordPress theme change from the backend

You can search for others from Themes. The next process is How to install a WordPress theme?

So you can see our post below: How to install a WordPress theme in cPanel?

For Advance level settings you have to install an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO which is a free and paid version available.

So you can find the best SEO plugin here:  10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

In this article, I have explained the top 10 best SEO  WordPress Plugins. After that, you have to insert your content.

Congratulation your website is ready for launch.

If you are still getting problems with the website setup, please contact us or comment below, and I will help you.

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