How to deal when client doesn’t pay on Upwork?


As a freelancer or business owner, having a client refuse to pay you makes for a difficult situation. Fortunately, you can follow a procedure to help make the client hold up their end of the deal. So in this tutorial post, we will learn about how to deal with when the Client doesn’t pay on Upwork? or after disputes?.

What if the client doesn’t pay on Upwork

Communicating effectively is an important part of convincing clients to make payments. If this doesn’t work, you can go with legal options and you can take to secure payment from your client.

This is my real story that happened recently when I am writing this article here I won my dispute successfully. I am writing this article because I want to support and encourage another freelancer who is facing these difficulties. I consider all freelancers, my friend, so I will be very glad if you get help from my blog.

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One day I got a Project that title “Convert HTML to Joomla Template”

So in this project, I talked about it with the client, and he agreed to supply me with an HTML template with all pages like HomeAround Us, Items, and contact us.

And he mentioned that the template should be responsive with a cost of $50

So, we agreed on that task and budget after that he said that the website will be multilingual as well and said this task will include within the same budget. Then I requested to increase the budget because multilingual is no small task, and it needs to manage all content in different languages I know we don’t care about content because this is not a developer task.

But I will be required to set up a multilingual setup within the backend in the event that you’re beginner at that pointIt’ll not be simple. And client HTML pages were very large, every page had many JS effects, and some pages had banner sliders. So, I want to increase the cost, but the Client told me this is a minor task, and you can easily do that. I told him this is not easy, and it will take time, so I need $30 extra.

Client Demanding Extra Work

But he was requesting me again and again, saying it was a small task, so please make it for $10 extra, and I will give more projects and want to a long-term relationship. And at that time I never thought this multilingual would take too much time it will be the biggest issue for me. I just thought I had to just set up the multilingual menu module set, and it will be working automatically but I forgot that I have to create all modules that are in English same in Arabic(second language) Language.

And as a freelancer, I thought I would get a long-term client if I accept this project, like all freelancers and I accept that project with $60 ($10 for multilingual). The client is given HTML records and I opened the HTML record code that was in exceptionally terrible condition, it was within the crude arrangement whereas there were included so numerous unused codes since it was not created by his creator, as I anticipated.

And contact Us page was not looking as mentioned, so I inform them about these things to the client, and he told me you can download HTML code files from a website and send me the link. But that website was not providing a download, option directly so the Client asked me, I don’t have any internet file download software.

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denied itAt that point, he downloaded and give me a record, but in a few crude organize, you know, on the off chance that a proficient architect makes HTML recordsat that point there’s a code structure in well overseen and everything is clean. With this thing, I understood that this client is not good, and he theft HTML from other’s websites, and converting into a Joomla template. But now, I awarded the project, and the contract was started at a fixed price. Otherwise, I will not be working on that project.

So now I have no choice and I started working, and first I make cleaned all code manually. And converting the Joomla template and I have created the Joomla template in the English language. While I have not started work on multilingualism yet. I inform the client, please check it if there is anything left except multilingual please let me know. I will fix it.

His reply is always the same like

All is done?

Multilingual is done?

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My answer, I will work on that after this part is done.

Then he said — finish the multilingual part, then let me know.

And after that, he never replies if I asked anything.

My Upwork client was not responding :

His attitude was very rude.

I did very hard work because of his website every single page needs many modules, but it’s ok, I have been happy with that work yet.

Now I have started multilingual functionality and created a language switcher module first and their menus are just double one for English and second for Arabic. And now I have created all English modules in the Arabic language, it has taken time to check everything and sometimes things were not working, so I check again and again and fixed that things. Actually, I did a multilingual project a very long time ago only once, so I forgot that, and now,

I searched on Google and found a helpful full article on a website, so I followed all the same steps, and that was working fine.

At last, I made a multilingual site, but as it was on one page that “Products” there were 2 sliders running, English both were working fine since it’s sliding Cleared out to Right, But in Arabic, it’ll have to be slide RTL mode so it’s got to Right to Cleared out but its JS was not bolstered, or ready to say we got to alter JS code values.

Whereas on the off chance that the JS record was cleaned or simple to get it at that point, I can attempt but it was as well complicated and I can attempt other sliders but the client was not agreed to alter a bit. So that‘s the problem I was stuck…………

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May be developer can fix it, but I try my best but was not successful I tried to help on Google but did not get any help.

And I invested approx. More than 1 week to complete all other things.

While our contract was deal with 3-4 days max. And the interesting thing was that when I was working initially he forced me to complete it soon. And when I am stuck there with only 2 sliders, I informed him and said I need RTL supportive HTML slider that is not working with RTL.

Because our deal basis of HTML to Joomla Template. So HTML is your responsibility, but he denied me, and he just copies his initial project description and past it in the chat.

I try to explain many times but most time he has not replied for a long time and if he replies then same copy and paste.

I was very depressed and worried about the rating.

Sometimes I thought ended the project myself, so I get to relax. but I knew that the client will give very bad ratings, so I didn’t do that, cause money does not matter here now review is important…

And hence a month passed, and at that point, I said that I concur that the multilingual errand has not been done, but another assignment has been done whereas multilingual is additionally 90% done, so it would be ideal if you less additional sum $10 and make rest installment $50.

But he hasn’t replied…

I have continuously sent messages daily, weekly….

But I never get a response.

So now, I was busy on another project and I forgot about it.

But I was very disappointed because I wasted so much time and got nothing.

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So in day, when I was checking my project, I focused on that project and sent a message again to the client.

Now, I said, “Hello Maroo, I have done your 90% project and got nothing, so please make payment of at least $40 our deal was except multilingual $50, and multilingual was a secondary task for $10. But I have not done your project, so I agree with $40.

And if you can provide me RTL-supported HTML, I can finish your rest task that only 2 sliders are not working.”

Now, I got clients to reply and still send the same message, and his way of talking is very bad and irritating.

And now he is blackmailing me as he will report on Upwork.

What do you do if a freelance client doesn’t pay:

But now I have decided, and am not worried about rating, but I will not be working for him. So, I said I don’t care you can do whatever you want.

He reported on Upwork and canceled the project.

But one thing there was good he funded the payment already.

That means the payment of $60 was in Upwork.

After canceling the project Upwork asked me about the reason and gave me the option to approve or not approve the return of the payment.

So, I explain my experience and disapproved of the return request.

So that means I created the dispute.

I was fully confident that I am not wrong. So this is very important if you are not wrong then you can be always won.

So now Upwork team member was a mediator and sent us group messages to explain our thoughts.

Reply to Upwork on time

Here the important thing is that you have to always rely on the time in the group. if you got the message from a mediator or client. you have to prove that you are right.

He is asking me about the file that I have created, so I have downloaded it already from the client-server into my local system ( I was working on a client test server).

when I felt there are no good between the client and me. So I sent Upwork them to a zip file and explain everything.

They are a very sensitive person and understand things. They can sense who is defaulter I really appreciate Guy who was handling my case.

He mentioned below things

“We ask that both parties respond within 2 business days with their acceptance of the resolution, an alternative proposal, or confirmation that they wish to proceed to arbitration. If either party chooses arbitration, we will arrange payment of each party’s portion of the non-refundable arbitration fee of $291. We look forward to your replies.”


So After communicating with each other Upwork fellow suggested that a partial installment can be released to the freelancer.

 But the Client still has not concurred with that.
 I send the final last message within the gather chat and say I did difficult work and I need as it was $40 since my work was approx 95% and this can be not 100% done since of client didn’t send me the right HTML.

So, I will agree with what you will make a decision.

After that, an Upwork Team member send me the message below –

I can suggest a partial payment of the funds in the escrow which will be $30.  I will request both parties to respond to this and let me know how they would like to proceed here.
Thank you!
Upwork Mediation Team 

After that client did not reply till 1 day and the Upwork team again sent us the message. if no buddy replied within 2 days fund($60) will be released to freelance(me).

Then finally client agreed to pay $30.

And I also agreed to that amount,  because I lost hope to get anything from that client.

Dispute Result

But I was correct and honest, so I got to win the dispute.

The purpose of this story is that if we are honest. then we will definitely win, We don’t have to worry about anything.

Thanks for reading my blog please like and share and if you have any suggestions comment, please!

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