How do I get freelancing jobs outside India with PHP?


I am a PHP Developer and working in Joomla, WordPress and Core PHP, Laravel, and React. I have worked in software development companies in India for 5 years. But presently I am a full-stack developer and for the most part, So working to get outsourcing freelancing jobs outside India with PHP.

I have started freelancing with and after that, I have opened an account on Upwork.

Most demand freelancing Jobs

So I need to share a few websites where you’ll get PHP Jobs, but some time recently merely, ought to get it which cms or framework or script is demanded all over?.

So according to demand, we need to get to be experts. So you’ll be able completely to fill our client’s needs. So you have got to learn the most recent script or system since clients moving to new advances like ReactNode JS, Angular, etc.

I am working on Upwork and freelancer both are the most top-rated and trusted websites, but I would like to prefer Upwork that provides quality of clients and work. This is the best platform in the world as a freelancing website.

I am working since 2011 and I am a top-rated freelancer there.

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Top 10 best freelancing websites

There are some websites where you can get jobs in php or any other skills –


2. Upwork

3. Fiverr

4. 99Designs

5. Truelancer

6. Toptal

7. Designhillis

8. Simply Hired

9. PeoplePerHour

10. LinkedIn

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