How can I improve my Fiverr or Upwork freelancing career?


I have been working on Upwork for around 8 years, but on Fiverr, I have created Gigs, and only 1 or 2 times have I gotten a response from the client side but awarded any project. So here I am explaining you can improve your Fiverr or Upwork Freelancing career.

So let’s talk about first Upwork, there are some essential tips to starting freelancing on Upwork:

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  • Spend Time on Profile: Take some time into your profile and make it as informative as possible.
  • Spend Time on Project finding and Bidding Projects: Spend a significant amount of time looking for and bidding on jobs; this is critical if you wish to work full-time as a freelancer.
  • Get Positive Feedback: Work on as many jobs as you can, even if they are small and short. In order to gain positive feedback from your clients.
  • Maintain 100% Job Success Score: Set a goal of achieving 100 percent job success (all positive feedback) and “Top-Rated” status.
  • Go out of your Comfort zone: Apply for as many projects as you feel comfortable working on. But also go out and bid on unusual projects where you might be able to learn something new and expand your resume.
  • Submit Resume: When bidding on a project, always include your resume.
  • Increase Rate Consistently: Increase your hourly rate gradually every few projects, but don’t go excessive. I’ve consistently gone from $10/hr to $20/hr in around 5 years.
  • Always Bidding: Even if you have multiple projects and feel comfortable, you never know when a project will finish unexpectedly, therefore always bid on projects. Even if you’re working 60–70 hours per week on four projects, keep bidding!

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Now I can give you advice for Fiverr as I understand Fiverr, So you can follow these steps:

  1. Create Gigs lower rate compared to another freelancer who has more reviews if you don’t have reviews and wants to start working on Fiverr.
  2. Make an attractive package of your service and use a professional-looking thumbnail image for the Gig.
  3. You can go on Fiverr as a Client and you can check other freelancer Gigs that have the same skills as you and check their Gigs what they have included and how looking it.
  4. Promote your Gig on social media like Facebook Groups, Quora and Linked In, etc.

So these are my suggestion for Fiverr but I have not applied all steps yet. Because I don’t like Fiverr, lots of freelancers get a decent income working on Fiverr. So you can work on it.

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