Which one is better XAMPP vs WAMP


PHP is a scripting programming language, and it requires a server to run. So XAMPP and WAMP are both used to execute PHP programs.
PHP developers needed to install XAMPP or WAMP software on Windows or another operating system (PC) that they using. So let’s discuss which one is better, XAMPP vs WAMP?

Easy WAMP configuration to set up in. The WAMP Server has a graphical user interface that allows individual component software to be switched on or off while running. So in this article, we are talking about WAMP vs XAMPP or XAMPP vs WAMP.


WAMP [ Windows, Apache, MySQL, Php]

XAMPP [X-os, Apache, MySQL, Php, Perl ] (x-os: it can be used on any OS )

Both can be used to run websites and web applications easily and to test them locally.

WAMP can not be run in parallel with XAMPP because XAMPP gets priority and ports are taken up by default installation.

Easy WAMP configuration to set up in. The WAMP Server has a graphical user interface that allows individual component software to be switched on or off while running. WAMP Server offers an option to switch between many versions of Apache, many versions of PHP, and many versions of MySQL, all of which are installed, providing more development flexibility, while XAMPP Server does not have such an option. You can configure Perl on the WAMP Server if you want to use Perl with WAMP.

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What is XAMPP? And how does it work?

It’s better to go with XAMPP, however.

To compare XAMPP vs WAMP, it’s easier to use XAMPP rather than WAMP. XAMPP is mightier. XAMPP has a control panel that allows individual components to start and stop (such as MySQL, Apache, etc.). Due to a large amount of internal component software such as Tomcat, FileZilla FTP server, Webalizer, Mercury Mail, etc., XAMPP is more resource-consuming than WAMP, so if you don’t need high features, WAMP is better. XAMPP also has an SSL function that WAMP does not. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a networking protocol that handles server authentication, client authentication, and server-client encrypted communication. )

A Microsoft NT.IIS research project can also be used for the development of web apps, search engines, and web-based applications that have access to databases such as SQL Server within Microsoft OSs. IIS is an acronym for Internet Information Server. It can be supported for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, and NNTP applications.

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XAMPP Benefits:
The app is cross-platform

It has several other simple modules, including phpMyAdmin, OpenSSL, MediaWiki, WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Configuring and using are simple.

What is WAMP and How does it work?

WAMP benefits:
It’s user-friendly. (Changing Settings)

For both 64-bit and 32-bit systems, WAMP is available.

WAMP is a safer option if you run projects that have particular version needs since you can switch between many versions. E.g., For php7.2, Magento2.2.4, and PHP 5x would not operate on php7.2, but php7.2 or up is required by Magento2.3.

Summary: The main thing is which one you have been using for a long time. So if you are using XAMPP, then you feel comfortable on XAMPP, not WAMP. because the difference between them is not major, and so I think which you like is better. For example, I worked on both, but I have been using XAMPP for 8 years, and now I like XAMPP. Finally, the Wamp vs. XAMPP comparison depends on your usability.

And nowadays, an alternative software is also available, which is  Laragon this is the best of both.

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