Top 10 Best AdSense Alternatives for WordPress


Google AdSense is the most popular way to make money online through your website or blog, but it’s not the only choice out there. You can use a lot of the Best High-Paying AdSense Alternatives. So in this tutorial, we are talking about the top 10 Best AdSense alternatives for wordpress.

In case you haven’t set up an AdSense account, however, you’ll find it difficult to get approved, or you’d like to expand your income, there are numerous different alternative advertising programs that give great features and allow you to create an extra income from your site.

What is Google Adsense?

If you are not aware, AdSense is an advertising program operated by Google. AdSense launched in 2003, it’s one of the most popular advertisement networks for bloggers and webmasters whose looking to monetize their websites.

You’ve probably seen all of them online. they appear a bit something like this:

What is Google Adsense?

Which Type of Website Is Best for Adsense?

Any kind of website can use Google AdSense. But there are some types that are better suited to running Adsense ads on them

Let’s check a quick look at which type of websites are best for Adsense:

Blogs – one of the most common types of websites. If you’re a blogger and you’re consistently uploading high-quality content to an audience, ads could also be an excellent thanks for monetizing your content.

Forums – instead of writing blog posts, forums are an excellent way for people to interact around a subject, whilst also generating some Adsense revenue.

Free Online Tool – If you run a site that gives a free tool or service, a method to offset the prices is with ads.

The takeaway here is that any website that’s getting regular traffic is compatible with AdSense.

But what if you don’t want to use or deactivate your AdSense on your site?

Why Should I Search for Alternatives to AdSense?

Google AdSense has been one of the topmost ways for bloggers to earn money from their websites for several years.

In fact, with the correct niche, good content, and an engaged audience, your site can generate a decent amount of revenue.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s a single choice.

There are many alternatives out there and reasons to look for alternative advertising platforms.

Maybe you have already got approved for an AdSense account but you would like to increase your income streams. or even you would like to continue AdSense ads running and add some additional streams.

Maybe again you’re looking to earn extra income from your AdSense than you’re currently earning with AdSense.

But where you can start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

Top 10 Best AdSense Alternatives for WordPress

Let’s take a look at some of these alternatives of Google AdSense  to find out more options about how you can further monetize your website or blog:

  2. PropellerAds
  3. Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  4. Adversal
  5. Sovrn //Commerce (VigLink)
  6. Skimlinks
  7. Monumetric
  8. InfoLinks
  9. BuySellAds
  10. ylliX

Let’s explore these in more detail.


alternative for Google Adsense is a direct AdSense competitor operated by Yahoo and Bing. it’s one of the world’s largest contextual ad networks and is used by household names everywhere in the world.

Its contextual ads allow you to monetize your content with exclusive access to searches from the Yahoo! Bing network. The marketplace gives you access to content-driven publishers, so you’ll be able to maximize your ad revenue and make the most of a large search market. was the primary to develop a server-side header bidding platform, which may be fully managed, allowing you to make the foremost programmatic display with minimal effort.

PropellerAds may be a large ad network that provides a variety of adverts like banners, sponsored links, push notifications, and allows you to succeed in 1 billion users.

The self-serve platform is simple to use with a simplified ad creator that permits you to get your campaigns accepted with minimal hassle. With many targeting options and real-time performance measurements, you’ll be able to work reactively to boost your campaigns.

It also features automated ad optimization, where your settings are fine-tuned by AI, providing you with the simplest number of conversions for every ad without manual effort.

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3. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

3. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Most bloggers and website owners are using Amazon’s affiliate program to generate additional revenue for an extended time, but Amazon Native Shopping Ads offer another high-reward support to monetize your website.

Same to AdSense ads, Amazon Native Shopping Ads are contextual, in order that they display relevant products based on the page content and keywords. If a user goes on to make a buying deal after clicking on the ad, you get a commission from this sale, no matter whether it absolutely was for the item that was clicked on.

Amazon is the top eCommerce site in the world, and its conversion rate is much more than just about the other eCommerce competitor. you can get the benefit from this unrivaled traffic and conversion rate for passive revenue with little or no effort.

4. Adversal

Alternative to Google Adsense

Adversal is a self-serve advertising platform where you can set up your ads, in just a few minutes.

It provides a smart interface that allows you to start, stop, and pause campaigns, making it simple and easy to use. Once you’ve set up everything, you can just leave it, and then it will do the work.

It’s the main thing that to be eligible for Adversal, your site must have its own domain name, have a minimum of 50,000 page views per month, and shouldn’t be mandated by a login.

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5. Sovrn//Commerce(VigLink)


Through content-driven-commerce with leverage, insight, and automation, Sovrn/Commerce or VigLink provides publishers with revenue.

VigLink helps you to generate passive income from clicks and resulting purchases by turning daily product connections into affiliate links.

The tools for monetization create competition for your traffic among advertisers, allowing you to get the best price. In-depth insights show you the products and advertisers that earn you the most money in order to optimize your results. Automation of the process means that instead of tracking affiliate revenue, you can focus on creating great content.

And’s Meridian, which is a CPM ad network that pays publishers per impression, is also available. This implies that whenever your ad is served, you receive money, regardless of whether it is clicked or not.

6. Skimlinks is also Alternative of Google Asdsense

Skimlinks automate your business content affiliation, which allows you to focus your website on running without worrying about establishing affiliate links.

This tool is able to improve all of your business strategies, including website, mobile, social media, and email, by automatically updating your trade content with affiliate links.

Joining Skimlinks gives you direct access to a worldwide network of 48,500 traders and 50 partners in demand. You can also find merchants who, through the VIP and Preferred Partner Program, offer special commissions to Skimlinks’ publishers.

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7. Monumetric

7. Monumetric

Monumetric is a full-service ad revenue partner formerly known as the Blogger Network, which enables you to increase your website’s revenue while maintaining your visitors’ experience.

You utilize CPM rather than CPC, so you get paid for all impressions, and their rates of pay are one of the most excellent for CPM campaigns. Income is frequently said to be essentially higher than AdSense, which makes it a great choice to extend your inactive income.

Nevertheless, the minimum traffic requirement for sites with 10k to 80k views is 10k per month. So you need to rest assured that you can drive enough traffic to make the investment worthwhile.

best high-paying AdSense alternative

You use CPM instead of CPC, so you get paid for all impressions, and their rates of pay are one of the best for CPM campaigns. Income is often said to be significantly higher than AdSense, which makes it a good choice to increase your passive revenue.

Nevertheless, the minimum traffic requirement for sites with 10k to 80k views is 10k per month. So you need to rest assured that you can drive enough traffic to make the investment worthwhile.

9. BuySellAds

9. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is remarkable because the display of contextual ads like AdSense does not automatically occur. On the BuySellAds marketplace, you can instead list your ad inventory, where advertisers can buy it directly.

For example, you can say, ‘I’ve got 25,000 impressions of this footer ad spot. I’m going to sell for $250 a month.” Announcers can then buy the inventory easily via BuySellAds – everything is automated.

You certainly have to look at BuySellAds if you like that.

Only if you are getting over 100,000 page views per week will BuySellADs work with your site.

10. ylliX

10. ylliX

Some people are looking for alternatives to Google AdSense for better pay rates, and YlliX definitely fits the bill. It’s an advertising network offering a variety of ad types for both desktop and mobile, including pop-up ads, mobile redirects, sliders, layer ads, and full-page ads.

It offers instant account approval, fair rates, detailed reports, daily payments, and 100% fill rates, as well as accurate campaign targeting and a self-service platform that gives you complete control of your campaigns. Traffic comes from checked sources to ensure consistency and improve conversions, and publishers don’t pay for using ylliX.

They also offer a generous referral program, paying up to $100 for each new active publisher or advertiser you refer to. plus 2% of their lifetime earnings or spending.

 What is the perfect option for AdSense for you?

All of these AdSense alternatives have something to say – it just depends on.

How aggressive you are to be in your monetization
What kind of ads you would like to show
How much power do you want for which advertisements are shown
Your tolerance level for the possibility that a grim advertiser could slip through and be shown on your site.
If you want something like AdSense where you can pretty much just set it up and forget about it.  and serve up clean, personalized ads, I think is a great starting point.

It’s probably the closest thing to AdSense itself, as I said, in terms of approach.

Monumetric is another great choice in case you need more impact over which promotions appear and you’re stressed about the validity of your location. And you’re never going to go wrong with Amazon Associates. while product advertising can or may not fit well on your site.

The other links like Sovrn /Commerce and Skimlinks are great choices as they provide completely discreet ways to monetize your site. without manually registering and inserting links for each affiliate network.

BuySellAds also provides a special marketplace strategy in which direct ad revenues are similar to those of the other AdSense options.

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