What are Components in Joomla! 5


Joomla is a fantastic website builder with easy-to-manage content but follows an MVC structure, which makes Joomla more secure and complicated compared to WordPress. In Joomla, there are 3 types of extensions: components, modules, and plugins. Template is also a Joomla extension but it is just a design part so we do not consider it a functional extension. In this tutorial, we’ll learn what are components in Joomla! 5

What are the Components in Joomla 5?

Components are a larger type of extension in Joomla 5 compared to modules and plugins. Joomla 5 follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. Components form the core functionality of Joomla and come with built-in examples like Articles, Banners, and menus. these are all components.

Joomla supports third-party components so we can extend the functionality of Joomla according to website admin requirements. The default Joomla 5 is just a basic content management system that can help manage articles, menu banners, contact forms, and so on. that means we can create a basic website without installing any external components.

If you want to visit any specific website, like an e-commerce website, then you must install an external website like HikaShop, VirtueMart, or any other website that you like.

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Joomla 5 component have a 2-part admin and site, the admin part administrator can insert data and control the design and settings. While the site is the front-end part where the user can access it,.

Components are special tools you can add to your Joomla toolbox. These tools bring extra features and functionalities to your website.

Joomla Component Development

For example, Joomla! itself has built-in components for things like articles, contact forms, and even managing web links.

But that’s not all! There’s a whole world of components out there that you can install to add even more features.

Let’s imagine your website is a house. Joomla! is the foundation and the basic structure. Components are like the different rooms you can add, such as a kitchen, a bathroom, or even a home theatre!

Each component has a specific purpose, just like each room in your house has a different function.

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Types of Components in Joomla 5

There are many different types of components available for Joomla! Here are the components in the Joomla example:

E-commerce components: Let you create an online store.

Gallery components: Help you showcase photos and videos.

Forum components: Allow visitors to discuss and interact on your site.

Membership components: Enable user registration and create exclusive content for members.

Where can I find components in Joomla 5?

There are two main places to find components:

Joomla! Extension Directory: This official directory offers free and paid components for various purposes.

Third-party Developers: Many developers create and sell their components, offering unique functionalities.

How to install a component in Joomla?

You are adding components to your Joomla! site is usually quite simple. You can typically install them through the Joomla! administrator panel.

In Joomla 5, you can install components using below steps:

a) Login into the administrator panel

b) Go to System => Extensions

How to install a component in Joomla?

c) There are 4 options for installing the Joomla component

Components in Joomla, for example
  1. Upload Package File
  2. Install from Folder
  3. Install From URL
  4. Install From Web

If you downloaded the zip file, you must choose the first option.

Important Note:

Before installing any component, make sure it’s compatible with your Joomla! version and comes from a reputable source.


Components are powerful tools that can extend the capabilities of your Joomla! website. By understanding what they are and how they work, you can unlock a world of possibilities and create amazing websites!

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