Tag Your Way to Success: Mastering Tags in Joomla 5


In Joomla, tags refer to content tags, not HTML or meta tags. They function differently and offer unique benefits for your website.

Here’s what you learn:

What Tags are in Joomla?

  • Function: Tags are essentially keywords or phrases that you assign to your Joomla content items, such as articles, news feeds, contacts, and even media.
  • Purpose: Unlike categories that restrict content to a single classification, tags allow for a more flexible organization. You can assign multiple relevant tags to each item, creating connections and improving discoverability.

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Benefits of Using Tags in Joomla:

  • More helpful navigation: Visitors can click a tag to see a list of all content items that share that tag, making it easier to find related information.
  • Improved SEO (indirectly): Tags can help search engines understand the content of your website better by providing additional keywords and context. This can potentially improve your search engine ranking.
  • Easy to Organize: Tags help you group things by what they have in common, even if they seem different.
  • Content Discovery: Tags can help surface hidden gems on your website. Visitors browsing a specific tag might discover other interesting articles they wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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How Tags Work in Joomla:

  • Assigning Tags: You’ll find a dedicated “Tags” section within the editor when creating or editing content. Type in the relevant tags separated by commas and save your content.
  • Optional Tag Hierarchy: Joomla allows you to create parent-child relationships between tags (optional). This can be useful for establishing broader themes and subcategories within your tags.
  • Managing Tags: The Joomla Tags Manager provides a central location to view, edit, or delete all existing tags on your website.

How to create Tags in Joomla 5

Creating Tags While adding or editing content, there are the following steps:

Step 1: First, log into the Joomla website admin panel.

Step2: Go to Components=>Tags

How to create Tags in Joomla 5

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Step3: Enter the detail as below:

How to create Tags in Joomla 5

Step 4: In the above screenshot, we created the Joomla5 tag and clicked the save button.

How to use tags in Joomla?

Step 5: Insert tag into content – Create an article or edit any existing article in Joomla 5 You will find tags in the below screenshot.

Insert Tag into the article

In the Joomla article, you can add a new tag or select existing tags by typing the tag name, hitting the enter button, or adding a comma.

Joomla offers tagging for Contacts, Newsfeeds, articles, etc.

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Step 5: Display tags on the front end – You can see tags on the site’s front end. and when you click on the tag all content will be displayed that is assigned to that tag.

Display Tags on the front end

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