How to Enable Lazy Loading Images in Joomla 4


The web now supports Native Lazy loading of images, and your Joomla website does too! So we learn How to Enable Lazy Loading Images in Joomla 4.

One of the many exciting features of Joomla 4 is the ability to enable the lazy loading of images, which will help your website pages load faster and improve user experience.

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Lazy Loading Images in Joomla 4

Images are the most required loading time on any web page. So we need to optimize images for any web pages. Lazy loading is deferring the image and improving the web page speed.  Most of the websites claim that Joomla 4 provides an inbuilt plugin as Content – ImageLazyLoading. But I didn’t find it in the Joomla Plugin manager, so I downloaded from the third-party website and installed it from the Joomla official website.

download lazyloading-plugin

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When you click on the download button you will be redirected to the GitHub directory.

How to Enable Lazy Loading Images in Joomla 4

Now you have to download the first .zip file.

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What is Lazy Loading?

First of all, we should know what is lazy loading. Lazy loading means preventing loading content that we are targeting content(images mostly).

Defer offscreen images is an issue that comes mostly because all images of the web page loaded same time of page load. So this process increases the load time of the page.  To fix this issue we load content or images only for the first screen and the rest page content defer by using the lazy loading feature. With help of this feature remaining content loads after scrolling.

How to enable Lazy Loading in Joomla 4?

In order to enable Lazy loading, Go to administrator and navigate to blow –

System Manage Plugins.

Step1: Search “Lazy” and if you have not found plugin Content – ImageLazyloading then download it as I have explained above. Then installed you will get a successful message.

install-plugin-from-Joomla to enable lazyloading

Step2: Enable Content – ImageLazyloading plugin


That’s it! Now your images automatically lazy loaded. But if you want to manually setup image lazy loading you will not get the option when you upload images from media as below-

How to Enable Lazy Loading Images in Joomla 4

So you can check or uncheck according to your choice.

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